Health Insurance

Health Insurance

medical insurance plans in sri lanka

Sri Lanka plans is partnered up with Allianz and Bupa, leading international health insurance providers in the world. Allianz and Bupa offers their international coverage plan under comprehensive schemes. These offers a complete policy with exceptional medical coverage from numerous diseases and provides the complete cost of treatment for sustained injuries.

The exceptional staff at Sri Lanka Plans assists you to find the best suited health policy for you, your family and also your company. In order to serve the best possible coverage to its clients, Sri Lanka Plans is and always will be determined and devoted to its aim to provide the customer with the best possible care as per the vision statement.

We not only have 35 years of expertise in the business but we also have detailed understanding of the numerous aspects of the insurance industry. Thousands of customers have significantly benefited from our service which is attested by our strong track record in the insurance line.

To provide the best ever services to our customers we at Sri Lanka Plans, have designed some of the finest coverage for businesses, families and singles through personalized schemes which can be altered as per their requirements.

We try our best to provide a calm experience for our customers and we don’t mind going out of way to help our clients and provide them with best of our service.

Health Insurance Plans in Sri Lanka

Among the International health insurers in Sri Lanka, Allianz is one of the most popular. Not only are you offered a very comprehensive coverage, but you will get covered where ever you are around the globe.

Our Health insurance plans comes in different levels and can be tailored to fit your needs, allowing you to save cost on whatever you do not need.

Get a quote from us today to find out more about how you can protect your health the first-class way! We offer a range of health insurance products for individuals, families, expats and corporate groups.