Bupa International Health Insurance

Bupa International Health Insurance

bupa international expat health insurance

Bupa global is a pioneering private international health insurance provider in the world. It offers numerous health insurance cover schemes, which provides coverage extending from public to private medical facilities. The coverage is suited to any individual and is most suited for the expat group in Sri Lanka and other countries. It offers comprehensive global protection and is supplemented with other benefits such as health screening procedures, nursing home stays, maternity, dental and ophthalmology consultations with coverage extending to chronic conditions.

Bupa Global is considered as a world renowned institution providing supportive care for each and every individual requiring health care insurance. We have analysed your requirements and have established plans in such a manner that they are financially conducive. You would have international protection and have access to over a million health care centres across the globe. The coverage is extensive and confers protection for cancer, second opinion and complete health consultations and expertise from the in house consultants of Bupa via the 24hrs customer assistance line.

Bupa was established five decades back and is currently one of the largest insurance providers of the world. They have approximately 8 million customers distributed in 200 countries covering over 100 nationalities. Bupa wishes to offer the highest possible care and does not require any form of payments from the shareholders. The profits are diverted to improve their services.

Global Health Insurance Plans

Sri Lankan Plans is a prominent health insurance provider in Sri lanka, a country with a high number of foreigners. At present there are over 400,000 foreigners in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Plans is the first choice when purchasing medical coverage. We have plans which are structured to confer protection on a daily basis, providing you with the best health benefits such as frequent regular screenings and many other services.

The health insurance we offer from Bupa provides you with the opportunity to procure the service of expert doctors and premium health care centres around the globe. There is an exceptional customer care service open around the clock to augment the excellent coverage. Bupa Insurance products are tailored to the people who believe in achieving freedom, professionalism and quality of care. This is an excellent gift for your loved ones.

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