Bupa International Health Insurance

Bupa International Health Insurance

bupa international expat health insurance

Bupa International is among the largest private insurers in the world, offering health insurance packages that could cover private and public medical facilities in Sri Lanka and worldwide. The scheme is an excellent product for anyone, and especially for the expat individuals. Within the global coverage, they offer benefits that could cover you for health screening, nursing homes, pregnancy, dental, optical and pre-existing conditions.


Bupa Global was established over 50 years backs and being among the largest health insurers in the world, they have over 8 million clients worldwide, in over 100 nationalities and almost 200 countries. Bupa aims to provide the best healthcare services and they do not have any shareholders to pay. Instead their profits goes back into making their products better.

Global Health Insurance Plans

Sri Lanka Plans is a leading health insurance company Sri lanka, where there are many foreigners. Currently, the number stands at almost 400,000. For a foreigner, Sri Lanka plans is the best place to look for when it comes to medical protection. Our coverage are designed to protect you on a day-to-day basis, bringing you the best benefits, which includes health maintenance such as health screening and many more.

Our Health insurance from Bupa creates accessibility to the top doctors and medical facilities around the world. Complementing the comprehensive coverage is the top-notched 24/7 customer service. Bupa Insurance products are designed for individuals who dwells in achieving freedom, expert and quality services. This is also one of the best gifts for your family.

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