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Allianz Insurance

Allianz Health Insurance

Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd (limited) in Sri lanka is a subsidiary of the main Allianz group in Germany. Allianz is currently the largest provider of general insurance in the world. They have been having their operations in Sri Lanka since 2004 and commenced under-writing activities since Jan of 2005. At Sri Lanka plans, we offer comprehensive health insurance plans under the schemes of Alliance.


Allianz Health Insurance

Allianz Health Insurance has a scheme known as “Allianz Worldwide Care” This global medical insurance scheme is in compliance with international health insurance laws and offers extensive benefits to members.

Throughout the years, Allianz have been well known for their world-class health insurance packages.

Request a quote today and find out more about how you can integrate yourself into a world of first class medical protection.

The Allianz Health Insurance plan is a scheme that is engineered for international visitors in Sri Lanka. It is also an excellent coverage for locals as this provide an international coverage and comprehensive benefits that will enable you to have the peace of mind. We also have special insurance scemes for students as well. You will enjoy your stay, where ever you are.
The Allianz range of services will assist you in staying healthy as you get the appropriate level of health coverage. This includes health care checks, medical screening, medications, hospitalization and day-care treatments. The benefits limitations are high as well.

With our health insurance policy from Allianz, you get access to a wide array of medical facilities across Sri Lanka and the world. We offer you the plans at very competitive prices in the market. You also need not pay directly for the medical treatments as you can have the option for cashless treatments, where the respective medical facility will bill Allianz Health Insurance directly.

Allianz Insurance Group Policy

Arranging for health insurance for your company. No worries, our solutions will provide your group with the adequate medical coverage, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of the business. Get in touch with us today to see how our health insurance services can benefits your organization.

Allianz Phone Support

Allianz Insurance have a 24/7 hotline which will be able to assist you at anytime and anywhere. They speak the language you speak and will assist you in whatever problem(s) you face. This will ease your worries so that you can focus more on what you need to do. At Sri Lanka Plans, our in-house team is dedicated and friendly, ready to serve you at anytime, from inquiries to claims. All you need is your telephone.